Things are Moving Along

House Foundation and Sold SignTo the left is a picture of the forms for the foundation for our house (click for a larger pictures). It is nice to see progress happening on our house.

Also, I got a call from the apartment manager and our apartment is going to be ready on Friday.

I have just finished my second day at my job and I really like. I work with a bunch of great people. I have been issued a laptop that I take to the many meetings I attend and am trying to get up to speed as quick as possible.

Things are all falling into place nicely.

Dan – The Texan

Well I am officially a Texan now. Elsy and arrived in Austin on Saturday afternoon (she will fly back on Sunday afternoon). I checked into the Extended Stay hotel that I will be staying in for the next 2 weeks until our apartment is done.

It actually worked out best that the apartment was not done as I would not of had a bed, a tv, or any thing else because everything else is still in California. I have all those things here in the hotel (along with internet access).

Anyway, I start my new job tomorrow so that should be fun. Go Longhorns!

The Eagle has Landed!

Well as you know I flew to Austin for my final interview on Friday. I am happy to say that I was given a very good offer and have accepted it. I will be starting on Monday, February 6th. That means that my last day at my job in LA will be the Thursday before I start so I can leave the next day  for Austin (I want to have 1 day to refresh before going to work on that Monday).

I am also happy to report that I have secured an apartment very close to where our new house will be. It is a really nice brand new apartment that is going through the final stages of construction. It should be available around the time I start (I might have to hang out in a hotel for a little while until it is ready). The apartment comes with all the appliances that we are getting with our new house so we do not need to bring anything from California. It is also located really close to a brand new HEB (that’s a really nice grocery store chain for you non-Texans).

I have to say that I am so thankful to God for making everything go so smoothly in every aspect of our move. He has just confirmed over and over again that this is the direction that he wanted us to go.

So this is the breakdown of dates –

Feb 2nd – Dan’s last day at Learning Tree
Feb 3rd – Dan leaves for Austin
Feb 6th – Dan starts new job
Feb 6th – 18th – Sometime around here I move into our new apartment
Feb 10th – Elsy’s last day @ UCI
Feb 17th – Dan flies back to California
Feb 18th – The whole family leaves for Austin
Feb 19th – We are in Austin

That is it. We are all so excited to be moving. More updates will come when they are available.

The Final Interview

Great News!

I am flying to Austin Thursday night for my final interview on Friday with the company that I have been interviewing with over the phone for the last few days.

The company is called Coremetrics (their website is here). What they do is analytical web-based software that tracks visitors on a website. Companies use this information to find out what sections of their website are being visited and which are not. They also can find out what type of people are buying from their website and use that information to spend their marketing dollars better.

The position that I would have is a Product Manager Position. I would be primarily responsible for the demo software the sales people use when they go to sell to customers. I am really excited about this position because it takes advantage of my sales and technical skills.

I am expecting that I will receive and accept an offer while I am there on Friday.

It is really to the point of being unbelievable how everything is working out so smoothly. From buying our house in Texas, to selling the house in California, to getting a job in Austin. I really had no idea how all of this was going to work, but God did. He is so awesome!

I will keep everyone posted with what happens on Friday!

Photos Added

Hey there, just wanted to let everyone know that I have finally added the older family photos that I had on the idano site.

They are organized a whole lot better now then they were before.

I will be adding my other non-family photos later (cars, airplanes, sunsets, etc.)


Moving to Texas – Update

Well things are moving along with our planned move to Texas. Elsy’s dad has entered into escrow on both properties which should end at the end of February for both. We have decided that instead of paying the owner rent for the next 6 months that we are going to Austin instead.

The difference would be paying $2500/month to stay in California in the houses that we are in right now or pay $750/month for all of us in a town home in Austin. We like the Austin idea better. What this means is that Elsy is going to quit her job and not work again until after Dan Jr. is born. It also means that all of our plans are escalated, as far as visiting people before we leave California and figuring out what we are going to take and what we are going to leave.

Also, that means that I need a job in Austin. I have already have had several phone interviews and actually have my 2nd and 3rd interview with a company on Tuesday. If all goes well (which they and I think it will), I will be flying out to Austin this coming week for a face-to-face interview and to accept an offer. The nice thing about this position is that the minimum salary for it is what I am making now, so our budget will be literally unaffected.

Anyway, sometimes things work out a little sooner then you expect and that seems to be the case here.

Our New House

Our New houseWell we went to Texas to look at houses and ended up buying one! It seems that if you want a new house you need to purchase it 5-6 months in advance.

Click here for pictures.

We looked around several different areas around the Austin area and finally decided on Round Rock. In looking at the area and people you would think that you were in Orange County. The Round Rock area is about 20 miles north of Austin and is known as the “Little Silicone Valley”. Dell Computer is about 10 minutes from the house and they are building 2 new hospitals within 15 minutes (where Elsy will be looking for a job).

The specifics of the house are:

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Looking at Texas

Well as most of you know already, we have a 3rd little one on the way. As much as we are excited about this does change things for us quite a bit.

The first way that it changes things is that our house is not large enough for a family of 5. With 4 we would have been alright but 5 in a 2 bedroom house is just too much. The second thing is that we feel the area that we live in isn’t the place for the kids to grow up and go to school in. We considered moving back to Corona but the houses are 1 ½ times the amount that they were when we lived there 2 years ago. Also the traffic is also 10 times worse.

Well after some research as to housing prices, job availability, and overall quality of living, we have narrowed or search down to Austin, Texas. Austin is know as the “Little Silicon Valley” in regards to jobs, has nice 2000 square feet house that start at $135,000 and has some really high rated schools for the kids.

We are planning on visiting Austin the last week of December to get a feel for the area and look at houses. Elsy’s parents will accompany us as they have accepted our invitation to move with us and retire. Both Elsy and I were really happy that they decided to move with us as they are a very large part of the kid’s life.

There will be more post in regards to our schedule for moving when we get back.

New Web Site

Well as you may have noticed. This is a new website for The Masters Family.

Why you may ask?

Well the reason is that the web site was started when Elsy and I had no children. It was just a place for me to post pictures that I had taken.

Well since then we have had a few additions to the family, as you may have noticed and the idano Web site was getting dated. So we started this new site with a better photo gallery and the ability to post info about what’s going on with us.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Further posts under the “Web Site News” will be about changes to the site.