Rock Chiropractic

images Some time ago, the whole family started chiropractic care.  Rock Chiropractic is a local office here in Round Rock just before the IH 35 on the East side of the freeway.  Dr. Rock aka Paul McCartney is the very best in the field.  In my opinion he was born to do this.  He is so passionate about what he does that makes anybody and everybody a loyal customer.

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His priority, truly is to help people.  He is such a sweet man.  I really like the staff and just the way they do things.

Dr. Rock is very big on Teaching and I have learned a lot from him.  Since I started coming to see him I have not used pain medication or any thing other meds for that matter.  I have a better understanding of how the body works and that it was created and equipped to heal itself.

He is by far the best!

Genesis First Day Of School

school Kids and school. This month was Genesis first month of school and I am so proud of her.  My little girl is growing up.  My husband wanted her in school because of the benefits of being with other kids and all.  Well, in all reality it’s a Mothers Day Out program, twice a week for 5 hours.  But the Mom that I am, I started by volunteering in the program and ended up taking a part time teacher assistant job just so I could be close to them.  Mikey and Genesis enjoy school very much.

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Genesis has learned so much with the little bit that she has experienced so far.

I have to say that they are not the only ones that are learning stuff.  I have learned as well.  I have learned a lot of kid songs and rhymes, toddler games, techniques on how to communicate with them and how to get them to do what you want them to.  That’s a biggie.

I tried getting Genesis to look up for the pic. but she wouldn’t.  Oh, well I guess that is just something else I can tease her about when she is engaged or married.

A Rainy, Rainy Summer Here in Central Texas

texas-clouds The weather this year has just been absolutely amazing because of all the rain that we have been having. I think that it has actually rained more this summer then it did this past winter.

I know for a fact that here in the Austin area that we had more rain in the first half of the year then we usually do all year.

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It has been difficult to plan outings with the family due to the weather but you actually reach a point that you say “Oh Well, it is always raining so what am I going to do? Stay in the house all the time?”.

Elsy and I took that attitude as we planned to get away this past weekend to Galveston. The news said that it was supposed to rain all weekend but we went anyway. We had some rain on the way there and back but had hardly any while there.

The one good thing about the rain is that I think it has only gotten to 100 degrees once or twice this summer. I still don’t know what I would rather have – the rain or the heat.

Dan and Elsy's First Vacation in a While

Corpus Christi Vacation Photos This past month Elsy and I went on our first real vacation (without kids) since Mikey was born. Our previous vacation was in July of ’03 when we went to Hawaii. This time around we went to another beach destination – Corpus Christi.

We had been to Corpus a few months back while Elsy’s parents were in El Salvador and really liked it. This time we got to do a little more exploring and a whole lot more sleeping. We stayed at a hotel near the beach that was near most of the attractions that we wanted to see.

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The weekend that we went just happened to be their “Buck Days” celebration that they have every year. This year they had a carnival, boat show, and a rodeo. We walked through the boat show and the carnival which was fun.

At the boat show we got to go inside of a 45′ yacht that was worth $2.5 million dollars. It had 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and slept 12 people. It was really nice. The crazy part was that the boat has more bathrooms then our house!

As much fun as it was we both missed the kids a lot. We were thinking about doing a video conference with the kids but thought that it would be too hard on the them (or maybe it was us that it would be hard on). As much as we missed the kids they did not seem to notice that we were gone which I guess is for the best. They were probably happy to have Grandma and Grandpa all to themselves for a couple of days.

Pictures of the trip can be seen here – Corpus Christi Vacation Photos.

Third Day of the Storm and A Lot of Ice

Well the third day of the storm has come and gone and with it brought a lot of ice.

I had taken the time to get the majority of the ice off of the two cars yesterday but woke up this morning to find as much ice as there was the day before. After checking the news to see if we were going to get any more rain (which we were not) I went out and re-de-iced the cars and even the driveway.

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We also brought the kids out for a while so that they could get out the house for a little. We had all be cooped up in the house for 3 days now and were starting to feel it. We went to Walmart to do some shopping and took the kids to McDonalds to play for a little bit.

As strange as it may sound it was kind of cool to see the weather change so much over the course of a few days. The last time I had seen snow at my house I was a teenager in the Antelope Valley.

You can see more pictures here.

Our First Real Winter Storm in Texas

We have gotten our first real winter storm here in Texas.

Currently the temperature is 30 degrees outside and has stayed around there for most of the day. It is expected to dip into the 20’s tonight and frozen rain, slush, and even snow are expected. It is estimated that we could get 1/4″ to 1/2″ of frozen rain and possible 1-2″ of snow!

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This is a big change from California!

The good thing is that we are completely prepared with food water and even a kerosene heater in the case that the electricity goes out. We are not planning on going anywhere in the car until this lets up so we should be just fine.

I snapped some pictures of some of the ice that can be seen here.

I Haven't Posted In a While…

As you may have noticed that I have not posted in while. The reasons for this are many but the main reason is that I have been very busy in the last month.

The number one thing that has kept me busy the last month has been doing work on the side and helping Elsy with her web site that she now makes a little extra cash off. The other thing that has been keeping me busy are the little projects that we have been doing on the house. These include starting on Dan Jr’s room and various other little things around the house.

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I am going to try to do some updates today to try and get this site back on track.