Optimal Health- Week 3

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Do you pop over-the-counter painkillers on a regular basis to alleviate afternoon tension headaches?  Do you run to the medicine cabinet after working out in search of relief from muscle soreness? Does your morning routine include guzzling several cups of coffee?

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Symptoms such as headaches, back pain, muscle soreness, fatigue and restlessness are messages from your body screaming that something is amiss.  If you’re relying on drugs to cover up symptoms, you’re ignoring your own inner wisdom, disrespecting your body and sabotaging your health goals.

Never discontinue the use of prescription medication without consulting the doctor who prescribed it.  However, you may choose to clean your cabinets of over-the-counter painkillers and commit to addressing the cause of your health ailments- rather than merely masking symptoms.  You may also want to consider all-natural alternatives, such as nutritional supplements.  Ask your chiropractor to assist you in this endeavor.

In addition to taking a hard look at your use of medication, consider any reliance on nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or "recreational" drugs.

If you need help breaking a substance addiction, ask your chiropractor for a referral to treatment program in the community.  For information on the misuse of antibiotic drugs, check out Beyond Antibiotics by Michael A. Schmidt (North Atlantic Books)

Challenge for this week- reconsider you use of unnecessary medication and reliance on drugs

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