Halloween Costumes!

imageI It is now October and Halloween is just around the corner. I have three little ones that will be dressing up. My two year old is all set. He will be spider man, that was easy. He does not ask for anything or has a preference for any particular character. My 3 year old is a cute little girls but acts a lot like a boy and she is always more difficult then my 2 year old. But I think a fairy costume will do for her this year.

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Her costume is very colorful unlike the pastel colors that most fairy costumes come in, this one I believe goes better with her personality.

Now my 4 year old is very out spoken about his likes and dislikes. The problem with that is that one week he wants to be a knight, another week he wants to be a clone from star wars, he sees the spider man costume his brother has and thinks he would like to be spider man instead.

He was very strong on the knight costume and I thought for sure it imagewas a done deal. I bought the material for his outfit, bought a swore, a shield and needed only the helmet and now he is saying he wants something else. I think that I will make his costume and hope that ones he puts it on he will be happy.

Either way I know he will be happy with whatever is given to him the day off Halloween. He just gets so exited and for him this is a hard decision to make. He is a very grateful and happy child and I do want him to be happy.  But with that, if I find something that is just a “got to have” I may buy something different for him.

For them three Halloween is not even about the candy, well maybe it is for my little girl, but it is mostly about dressing up and the experience of walking down the street and seeing all the parents with their children out on the street that night.

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