Children and Preschool

image All of my three little ones are in preschool.  My kids love to go to school and I love all that going to school does for them. Sometimes we as parents tend to over protect our kids and not expose them to a healthy and needed social environment. School does that for them. My 2 year old was not liking to be in crowed places and of course I did not want to make him uncomfortable so I kept him from crowed places. Since he started school he is more flexible and willing to take chances.

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He tries to engage children his own age and older with play and is not afraid of strangers as much.  He does not like me to leave him at school but once he is there he enjoys himself. School teaches them to share and work with peers as group. It teaches them to resolve conflict and deal with situations that are not comfortable or even a little scary. It builds there self esteem and problem solving skills.image

My 2 year old learned something about himself. He learned that he enjoys playing with dirt. He has lots and lots of fun doing that. I would have never let him do that but seeing at school and how much he enjoys himself I am ok with that. I don’t care if there clothes gets dirty with dirt or paint or food from cooking as long as they are discovering, having fun, and learning as they go.

For me it is a financial stretch for them to be in Preschool but it is worth it. There will be better of when they go to school and when things get difficult as adults. They will have learned valuable lessons very young.

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